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Aragon Towbars

Aragon is an established and trusted tow bar manufacturer. Based in northern Spain, Aragon has been making tow bars and accessories since 1992. An award-winning company that also produces the TowCar brand of products, which includes cycle carriers and TowBox®. Aragon tow bars have an extensive list of products that include hard-to-find towbars, such as…
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Trailer Test Ends September 2021

The need for people to take an extra test to pull a large trailer or caravan is due to end on the 20th of September. The law is going to change later in 2021. It will mean that if you passed your car driving test from 1 January 1997, you’ll be allowed to tow trailers…
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Towbar Cycle Carriers and Electric Bikes

Thinking of getting a tow bar mounted bike carrier for your electric bikes? Make sure you read our quick guide below. Choosing a Cycle / Bike carrier for your electric bike. Before choosing your bike carrier you need to consider the weight of your electric bikes, on average an electric bike will weigh around 25kg.…
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Electric Car Towbars

Electric vehicles are becoming extremely popular, with a government target to end the sale of petrol and diesel-powered cars by 2030. (The UK’s transition to electric vehicles. ( The current situation regarding towing with an electric vehicle is that few are designed to tow anything. This is because the primary focus of the manufacturer is…
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Vehicle Specific Dedicated Wiring.

Why choose dedicated vehicle-specific CanBus wiring over universal bypass wiring… Watch the video below. To get a quote for your dedicated wiring kit contact us today.

Witter Towbars Sheffield

Looking for a Witter tow bar in the Sheffield area? As authorised mobile Witter towbar installers, we can supply and fit your vehicle with a Witter tow bar. You can either contact us for a quote directly or get a quote from Witter towbars and choose Ultimate Towbars as your tow bar installers. You’ve probably…
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Self Fit Towbars

Wanting a tow bar and thinking of saving yourself a few pounds? Fitting your own towbar is certainly an option for some people. So, here’s a rundown of what you will need to do and the tools you will need to complete a self-fit tow bar fitting. Most vehicles are slightly different and so are…
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New Tow Bars

As you might know when a new vehicle model is made it takes time for tow bar manufacturers to design and develop a new aftermarket tow bar. In fact, the tow bar development and production is only one part of the tow bar package. New vehicles also need a vehicle-specific dedicated wiring loom, which also…
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Hard to Find Towbars

We’ve had another hectic week at Ultimate Towbars, Summer has arrived at last and everyone seems to want a tow bar so they can get out and make the most of our lovely weather. This week we’ve had a few requests from people struggling to find a tow bar or tow bar installer that can…
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We’re adding BRINK TOWBARS to our range! If you don’t know, BRINK towbars then keep reading… Brink is a global market leader in designing, producing tow bars for both leading car manufacturers and professional tow bar fitting companies. With over two hundred new types of tow bar design every year, and currently has about 25…
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