Towbar Types

Fixed Flange

The fixed flange is a commercial style towbar which comes with the benefit of interchangeable towballs and allows accessories to be fitted such as bumper protector plates and aftermarket bike carrier plates.

The disadvantage of the flange style is that it can be unsightly and may also interfere with parking sensors.

Fixed Swan

The Fixed swan is a popular style of towbar due to providing better asthetic looks and less chance of interfering with reversing sensors when compared with the fixed flange style.

The fixed swan is also the cheapest option available.

The disadvantage with the Fixed Swan is that although there is less change of parking sensor interference, pickup may still occur.

Detachable Swan

The Detachable Swan towbar inherits all the advantages of the fixed swan with the added advantage of removing the neck part when not in use.

Detachable Towbars preserve the asthetic look of your vehicle and because they can be removed they cannot interfere with reversing sensors.

The disadvantage of a Detachable towbar is the increased cost due to the added complexity of the engineering and manufacturing process.