Towbar Fitting Area.

Fitting Area

Our mobile tow bar fitting area covers an area of around 60 miles from Sheffield.  

At the bottom of this page, you will find a mobile fitting area map.  This will give you an idea of the areas we cover. Basically it’s from Nottingham to Hull, and from Gainsborough to Manchester.  (Sometimes we may be able to assist if outside this area, contact us for more information.)

Fitting Location

The fitting location can be your home address, a friend’s home address, your work address or another address, providing the area is safe for our fitters, has enough space and is off the legal highway.  (it isn’t legal to fit a tow bar on a road or kerbside.)

Benefits of Mobile Towbar Fitting

There’s no need to take your vehicle to a garage to have a tow bar fitted, all of the tools and equipment needed are carried on our vans.  Moreover, there is no need to be without your car all day, and no need to organise alternative transport for the day.  It’s normal for garage based tow bar fitting to be completed during the day, with no set appointment time.  Waiting for your tow bar to be fitted can be a long and boring waste of time.  Time that can be spent doing something more productive or more relaxing.

There is no benefit from getting your tow bar fitted at a local garage or tow bar centre.

The benefits of a mobile tow bar fitting service is that you can relax and let our fitters complete their work while you get on with work or relax. 

Our Towbar Fitters

Our tow bar fitters will arrive at your address, take five minutes meeting you and confirm what parts they will fit.  They will then get on and fit your tow bar.  Our two man fitting teams will usually take around two to three hours to fit and test your tow bar and electrics.

Once fitted a fitter will explain how the tow bar and electrics work and answer any questions you may have.  They will hand you a tow bar fitting pack that contains a written guarantee, a fitting certificate and information about maintaining your tow bar and electrics.  The pack also contains a VAT invoice, which you can pay.

Get Your Towbar Fitted

We make having a tow bar fitted easy and straightforward.  Get a price, if the price is right then book a fitting appointment, apart from answering your door and passing your keys to our fitters the rest is easy.

If you are searching for a mobile tow bar fitter then search no more.  We keep our prices highly competitive and our customer support is the best in the business.  Check out our FIVE STAR customer reviews on Google and EXCELLENT rating on Trustpilot!  

For more information, Complete our online quote ( or give the team a call on 0114 360 7080.


Towbar Fitting Map