Vehicle Specific electrics

Vehicle Specific Electrics (sometimes known as VSKs – Dedicated Electric kits or E-KITS) are towbar electric kits that are specifically designed for your vehicle.

Dedicated Electrics mostly use microprocessors that amplify CAN or lighting signals taken from a dedicated towing plug or CAN feed in the vehicle.

When fitted correctly, after a vehicle re-code dedicated kits will activate all advanced towing and safety features available within the vehicle and do not invalidate any vehicle warranty as the kit is identical or equivalent to what would be fitted at a factory or a vehicle dealership.

Dedicated Electrics


Dedicated electrics have many benefits over universal electrics including:

• Vehicle Warranty Protected

• Activation of Trailer Stability Program*

• Deactivation of Parking Sensors*

• Deactivation of Vehicle Fog Light

• Fueling optimisation*

• Lane assist to aid navigation*

• No Invasive Wiring

• Uses Original Vehicle Connectors

• Reliable Connection

* features are unavailable on some vehicle makes and models due to vehicle limitations

Dedicated Electrics put to the test!

Watch a Top Gear video which demonstrates how effective Dedicated Electrics are in the real world!

Note: The Volkswagen is fitted with Dedicated Electrics and coded to enable the towing safety features, including vehicle towing stability and the Mazda has just the standard tow bar wiring.