Towbar coding

Due to technological advancements in vehicles, it is now absolutely necessary to update the software on a vehicle once a towbar has been fitted to enable critical safety features and advanced towing features designed by vehicle manufacturers.

Ultimate Towbars use market-leading coding tools from SP diagnostics and use the latest software available to ensure that you are safe whilst towing and can enjoy the additional advanced features available:

Features Include*:

• Activation of Trailer Stability Program

• Deactivation of Rear Parking Sensors

• Alteration of automatic gearbox

• Deactivation of vehicle rear fog light

• Instrument Cluster Notifications

•Alteration of the braking system.


On many vehicles having a software update after your tow bar wiring has been fitted is essential. 

If your vehicle has a CanBus wiring system, as most modern ones do, then getting the software update will make sure that the towing features will be active when towing.

There are a few exceptions, however, if you drive any of the following makes then your vehicle’s software should be updated after the tow bar wiring has been fitted:





Landrover / RangeRover (Certain Models)




Renault (Certain Models)



Toyota (Certain Models)

Vauxhall (Certain Models


Please note:  The tow bar wiring must be a read/write CanBus loom for the vehicle software update (coding) to work. 

Fitting Universal or Bypass wiring to any of the above makes can render your vehicle unsuitable for towing as the safety features on the vehicle will not be active when towing.  

Before having your tow bar fitted please make sure you are having the correct towbar wiring installed and activated. 

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