Universal towbar electrics

Universal Electrics are a cheaper towbar electrics option that is more suited to older vehicles where a dedicated kit is not an option.

Universal electrics connect to electrical feeds from the vehicle’s rear lighting loom using tap connectors (Scotchloks) which signals are then often amplified by a ‘bypass relay’ and then sent down to the trailer socket to operate the lights on your trailer when it is connected.

Universal Electrics Disadvantages:

Universal electrics have many disadvantages over Dedicated Electrics including:

• Invalidation of vehicle warranty

• Hidden from the vehicle, No safety features enabled including trailer stability

• Invasive wiring

• Unreliable

• Eventually wear out (moving relay parts inside)

Universal and bypass towing electrics are generally imported into the UK and are usually made from the cheapest wires and plastics available.

We do not recommend or fit any type of universal wiring.

Bypass towbar wiring

*image shown is from a vehicle we attempted to fit a towbar too. Unfortunately on arrival the wiring harness had been butchered by a previous towbar installation.