Summer tow bar fitting.

Summer is always a busy time for tow bar fitting companies. It can be weeks, and in some cases, months before a fitting appointment can be scheduled. At Ultimate Towbars we try keep fitting appointments as near to the time of booking as possible, hopefully within the week!

To enable this we increase our daily fitting hours.

Our normal tow bar fitting times are between 9am and 5pm, but these may be longer during the summer months, depending on the amount of fittings and the locations.

Throughout the summer we also offer customers the opportunity of weekend tow bar fitting appointments. (All we ask is a small additional fee towards the extra costs.) This option is given when getting an online fitting quote or can be requested with over the phone quotes.

It’s always worth remembering that we can fit your tow bar at your workplace, providing there is a safe fitting area and that you get permission from the business or workplace. (We’ve found that most employers are quite happy with this.)

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Team Ultimate