Tow bars and approved wiring for the VW Transporter T5, T6, T6.1, and T7.

The VW Transporter has been an iconic vehicle since first manufactured, way back in 1949.

Reliable engines, distinctive looks, and a massive following make the VW transporter a vehicle that everyone wants to own.

If you want a tow bar fitted to your Transporter, what options are there?

At Ultimate Towbars we normally recommend having the detachable tow bar fitted, normally we go for the TowTrust brand but can fit Westfalia or Oris if the customer wants a German-branded bar.

The other options for those not wanting a detachable tow bar are the fixed swan neck and flange bars.

All of the tow bars we fit VW Transporters are designed and approved specifically for the make, model and year of the vehicle.

Towing Electrics.

The Transporter line of vehicles has complex CanBus wiring and towing safety features that are only active when vehicle-specific dedicated wiring is fitted. Fitting any form of bypass wiring will invalidate any warranty with Volkswagen and probably invalidate your insurance, due to the towing safety features being bypassed.

We recommend the 13-pin approved dedicated wiring, 7 pin is available if required.

Once the wiring has been fitted the vehicle requires a software update to tell the vehicle it has the correct wiring installed and to activate the towing features when a tow plug is inserted into the towing socket.

We are often asked about how the wiring is fitted when the inside of the van is kitted out. The simple answer is that the wiring is designed to follow the vehicle’s wiring loom that runs front to rear underneath. on the near side of the vehicle. No wiring inside the vehicle.

Fitting Time.

Our fitting team usually requires around two to three hours to fit the tow bar and electrics on the Transporter range of vehicles.

To get a fitting price for your VW Transporter tow bar and wiring, including mobile fitting, please follow the link below and complete the fitting quote form.

Alternatively, give our team a call on 0114 360 7080.

Ultimate Towbars are based in Orgreave Sheffield and their mobile tow bar fitting team cover an area of around 60 miles from their Sheffield offices.

All of our VW Transporter tow bar fittings come with approved tow bars, approved dedicated wiring, vehicle software upgrade, fitting certificate and written guarantee.