• The tow bar neck detached whilst towing. (This could have been down to poor maintenance by the vehicle owner or possibly the incorrect neck being used.)
  • Towing electrics brings up faults on the vehicle’s dash. (Universal electrics or dedicated wiring that requires a vehicle software update.)
  • The lights on the caravan are not working. (Fuse in universal wiring loom blown, socket issue, or dedicated wiring that requires a software update.)
  • The tow bar makes creaking noises. (User failed to remove the protective coating on the tow ball or badly fitted tow bar.)
  • The brake lights are not working on the trailer. (Towbar or trailer wiring, blown bulbs or towing plug/socket issue)
  • Garage fitted tow bar and now reverse sensors don’t work. (Fault with reverse sensor system, take back to garage)
  • The caller had a tow bar fitted and, after plugging in caravan, no lights are working on the vehicle. (Blown fuse or body controller. Take back to the person who fitted the tow bar .)
  • The caravan plug won’t fit into the tow socket on the car. (Wrong plug and socket combination, or bent pins if 13-pin system.)
  • The caller had universal electrics fitted a few days ago and now want dedicated electrics due to faults.  (Universal electrics may have damaged the vehicle wiring.)

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