We get daily calls from people looking to get a tow bar fitted the same day as they call. In most cases we aren’t able to assist, here’s why…

Each make and model of vehicle requires a tow bar that is specific to that make and model. There is no such thing as a universal tow bar that fits all vehicles, Each vehicle has specific tow bar mounting points that require a specific tow bar. Then there are the different styles of tow bar to consider, fixed flange, fixed swan neck, and detachable swan neck.

To have tow bars on stock to allow for same-day towbar fitting would require us to hold in stock hundreds of tow bars, plus with new vehicle models being released by manufacturers daily, there would be a continuous amount of deliveries to keep up with the latest tow bars.

The same goes for tow bar wiring. With modern vehicles requiring vehicle-specific wiring and options for 7-pin, and 13-pin wiring, the stock needed to facilitate same-day tow bar fitting would require a massive amount of wiring looms to be stocked.

Then there’s the staff required. To enable same-day tow bar fitting to be possible we would need to employ a fitter who would be available for fitting the tow bar. Currently, our towbar fitters work long hours and are booked up days and sometimes weeks in advance.

We always recommend not leaving your tow bar fitting until the last minute, we also recommend that you have your tow bar fitted with plenty of time before towing.

If you need a last-minute tow bar fitting then it’s always worth contacting us. Our minimum appointment lead time is usually around three working days but is normally around a week.

To get a competitive tow bar fitting quote give us a call at 0114 3607080 or complete our online form for a free online tow bar fitting quote > https://www.ultimatetowbars.co.uk/online-towbar-fitting-quote/