Please see the list below for vehicles that we can currently fit fully electrical tow bars to.

Compatible vehicles

The new tow bar systems will be available for vehicles as follows



  • Q3 (F3B), model year 07/2018-
  • Q3 Sportback (F3N), model year 06/2019-

Estimated availability from Q1 2024

  • A6 Avant (4A5, C8), model year 05/2018-
  • A6 (4A2, C8), model year 02/2018-



  • 5 (G30) Lim., model year 09/2016-06/2023
  • 5 Touring (G31) Com., model year 03/2017-
  • 5 (G30) Lim. PHEV Facelift, model year 07/2020-06/2023
  • 5 Touring (G31) Com. PHEV Facelift, model year 11/2020
  • 3 (G20), model year 11/2018-
  • 3 Touring (G21), model year 07/2019-
  • X3 (G01, F97), model year 07/2017-
  • X4 (G02, F98), model year 04/2018-



  • E-KLASSE (W213), model year 01/2016-10/2023
  • E-KLASSE T-Model (S213), model year 07/2016-10/2023



  • OCTAVIA IV (NX3), model year 01/2020-
  • OCTAVIA IV Combi (NX5), model year 11/2019-
  • Kodiaq (NS7, NV7, NS6), model year 10/2016-
  • Karoq (NU7, ND7), 07/2017



  • GOLF VIII (CD1), model year 07/2019-
  • T-Roc (A11, D11),  model year 2018-

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Other fully electric tow bars will become available but we are currently limited to the make and models above.

If you want a price for a fully electric tow bar that deploys at the touch of a button then please get in touch by emailing or give us a call on 0114 360780.