Do you have, or are thinking about getting a leased vehicle and need a tow bar?

Firstly it’s very common for leased cars and vans to have aftermarket tow bars fitted to them  Unless the leasing companies included the right to have a tow bar fitted to their vehicles they would lose a large proportion of the vehicle market.

There are a couple of important things you need to know before getting your local tow bar company to fit a tow bar to your leased vehicle.

Many lease vehicle drivers feel they can have a tow bar fitted and then removed beforehand. This is not correct.  Apart from this being the most expensive way to have a tow bar fitted to a leased car (paying for the tow bar to be fitted and then paying again to have it removed), it is also going to be an issue if the lease includes insurance.  (The insurance company needs to know that a tow bar has been fitted, as a tow bar is classed as a vehicle modification for insurance purposes.  It’s normally the case that the lease company asks that the tow bar be left on the vehicle at the end of the lease.

You must get authorisation from the lease company before making any modifications to the vehicle.  Unless you get authorisation you run the risk of falling outside of the lease agreement.  If your insurance is also done through the lease company then you must inform them you have had a tow bar fitted.   In our experience, we have not known of any situations where a leasing company has refused a request to have a tow bar fitted to the vehicle.

The tow bar and wiring must be approved for use on the vehicle, this means that you can only fit a new type-approved tow bar and that the wiring must be dedicated vehicle-specific.  Fitting universal or bypass wiring will void your agreement with the leasing company and void any manufacturer warranty on the vehicle electrics.

The tow bar and electrics must be fitted by an approved tow bar company.  (This is normally classified as a company that is approved and has VAT registration.) You can’t fit your own tow bar or have an unapproved fitter complete the work.

Any damage done to the vehicle will need to be paid for when the lease company has the vehicle back. They will check the vehicle for any damage, scratches, or aftermarket additions that are not fitted to the manufacturer’s specifications. So, it’s in your own interest to make sure the company fitting the tow bar is approved, experienced, and insured.  

Having a tow bar fitted to a Mobility car is the same.

Our advice is to first get a price for the supply and fitting of the tow bar.  You can do this by completing our online tow bar quote form found here >

Once you get your quote and are happy with the price, contact the lease company to ask for authorisation to have a tow bar fitted.

Next, get the tow bar company to fit your tow bar and then inform the lease company that a tow bar has been fitted to the vehicle.

Now you can enjoy towing with your lease or mobility vehicle.

Happy Towing

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