With tow bar sockets there are usually two options, 7-pin and 13-pin. (not forgetting the dreaded twin electrics that used to be fitted to vehicles.) If you’ve recently purchased a new cycle rack or trailer you might find the electrics plug has 8 pins, so why is this?

The 8-pin plug is used when the trailer lighting requires basic lights and reverse. For the basic 7-pin plug you get power for the brake lights, side lights, indicators, and fog light. No reverse function is available on the 7-pin connection, this requires an additional feed, hence the 8-pin plug. So, do I need an 8-pin socket for an 8-pin plug?

No, you need the 13-pin socket for the 8-pin plug,

Although some might argue that the 7-pin plug is more durable than the eight-pin plug, the fact that the 8-pin has reverse light capability makes this the safer option.

For the eight-pin towing plug make sure you have a 13-pin socket fitted to your vehicle.

If you’re having a tow bar fitted and cycle carrier/trailer has an electrical plug that has 8 pins then make sure you have 13-pin tow bar wiring fitted.

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