Ebike Carriers

The popularity of eBikes has led to an increase in tow bar fittings throughout the UK.

The question is… Do you really need a tow bar mounted carrier, or will a cheap rear-mounted carrier from Halfords do the same job?

The major difference between carrying an eBike rather than a standard bicycle is that of weight.  A lightweight mountain bike can weight around 10kg, whereas a lightweight eBike is likely to come in around 24kg.  A massive weight difference, that not only makes the bike harder to lift, it also impacts on the vehicle you are carrying it with.

So, what are the options for those wanting to carry an eBike on their car?

Roof Mounted Cycle Carriers

Unless you are tall and very strong, then roof-mounted cycle carriers are probably out of the question.  Lifting a 25kg eBike, even a couple of feet from the ground is hard enough.  Lifting an eBike above your head to mount it onto roof bars is hard work, to say the least.

There is also the issue of the maximum weight a roof-mounted cycle carrier can manage, normally around 15k max, so not suitable for an eBike over that weight.

Hatch or Boot Mounted Cycle Carriers.

Generally, these are the cheapest options for carrying an eBike with your car. Having said that, the cheapest can often be expensive.  One issue with the rear-mounted carriers is the amount of damage that can occur to your car. Scratches’ caused by the bike’s peddles and from the frame rubbing against the bodywork of the car can cause seriously expensive damage.

Weight wise the rear-mounted carriers will generally carry a maximum weight of around 45kg.  This is the maximum weight the carrier can handle for all bikes on it.

Although lifting an ebike onto a rear-mounted, cycle carrier is easier than lifting the bike onto roof bars, the bikes still need to be lifted to above waist height and carefully attached to the carrier.

You will also need to buy a number plate and light board if using a rear-mounted carrier.  (If the rear lights and number plate of the vehicle are obscured, even a little, then the law requires a light board and number plate)

Towbar Mounted Cycle Carriers

Although the most expensive option the benefits of a tow bar mounted carrier far outweigh the initial costs involved.

Weight wise the tow bar-mounted carriers generally have a maximum bike weight of 30kg and have a general maximum load weight of around 60kg (Thule Easyfold XT)

One other benefit of the tow bar mounted carriers is the lifting of ebikes onto the carrier.  Many of the manufacturers offer an optional purchase of a loading ramp. This allows bikes to be rolled up onto the carrier, rather than lifting.  Safer, cleaner, and less exhausting than struggling to lift a heavy ebike.

There is of course the downside of your car needing to have a tow bar for a tow-bar-mounted carrier.  Although this adds to the overall costs the added functionality and benefit of being able to use a tow bar mounted carrier certainly make for the best option.

If you decide to go down the route of a tow bar-mounted carrier then we recommend purchasing your carrier from either Amazon or Halfords.  We (Ultimate Towbars) do not have the buying power to compete price-wise with some of the deals the companies can offer.

For tow bar supply and fitting, we recommend ourselves (Ultimate Towbars.)  We do have the ability to compete on price with the large tow bar companies.  

For a tow bar supply and fitting quote please visit our online tow bar quote here > For a tow bar supply and fitting quote please visit our online tow bar quote here > https://www.ultimatetowbars.co.uk/online-towbar-fitting-quote/

For information on Thule products please visit their website > https://www.thule.com/en-gb/bike-rack/towbar-bike-racks/

Whichever ebike carrier you choose make sure your bike(s) are securely attached and enjoy your ride.