Question: Can I get a towbar for my VW UP?

Answer: Yes, you certainly can have a tow bar on a VW UP! However, please keep reading to find out more…

The VW UP! is a highly impressive and popular city car that has been manufactured for its compactness and fuel economy. Its punchy three cylinder engine is quite nippy for the size, even more so on the turbo version. The UP! has been designed from the start to be VW’s number one urban transport. It was never designed as a tow car. So, if you’re thinking of pulling anything with it, then maybe you need to think again.

The issue with using a VW UP! to pull a small trailer is that the car has not been designed to tow anything. It doesn’t have any tow weight and there’s no approval for towing, So even though you can fit a tow bar to a VW UP! you cannot legally tow anything. You can however fit a tow bar for use with a towball mounted bike rack or for use with a rear mounted carrier.

If you want to carry your bike or want to carry items that won’t go in your car then adding a towbar to an UP! is a great idea. With a towbar mounted cycle carrier you can easily take one, two. three or four bikes along with you Just fix the bike carrier onto your VW UP! towbar and away your go. (The overall weight must not exede 50kg.).

We can supply the towbar and electrics, if you’re within 40 miles of Sheffield we can fit your VW UP! with a towbar. We also supply compatible bike carriers for the UP!

For a quote or more more information just get in touch. If you want a towbar fitting quote then fill in the towbar fitting quote form and we will email you back with a price.

Keep on towing – Team Ultimate