Whatever style of VW T6 you have, we have the best tow bar and wiring for it.

So here’s the information you need to fit a tow bar to a VW T6.

There are three types of tow bar that can be fitted to the T6:

  • Fixed Flange – This is the type of bar where the tow ball fastens to the bar with two bolts. Can have a bumper protector attached.
  • Fixed Swan Neck – With the fixed swan bar the tow ball is part of the neck. Swan neck because it’s shaped like a swan’s neck.
  • Detachable Swan Neck – Same as the swan neck bar but the neck section removes when not in use. (can’t see the tow bar or electrics when not in use)

Whichever type of tow bar you choose the fitting is very similar.

We only fit Tow-Trust towbars to the T6 as we’ve found they are more suitable and fit better than other makes. Here’s an indication of what’s involved when fitting…

Tools you will need, this list is minimal and in no way includes everything you might need.

  • Socket set
  • Spanner set
  • Torque set
  • Trim removal tools
  • Torque wrench
  • Screwdrivers
  • Bumper cutting tools
  • Bumper stands
  • Coding tool (or take the vehicle to a service centre)
  • Trailer test board.

Remove the rear bumper, spare wheel, lights and lower the Adblue Tank (diesel versions)

Locate and fasten the chassis inserts on both sides, then attach the tow bar and neck.

Torque up all bolts to the legal requirements.

Check to see if the bumper needs cutting, cut to requirements.

BEFORE refitting the bumper you need to install the electrics.

All VW T6 models require VW approved dedicated wiring and vehicle coding. We never recommend trying to fit a universal wiring kit to a T6. The vehicle has various safety features that are only activated with a dedicated wiring kit. The dedicated wiring is more reliable than a universal kit and also will not invalidate your VW manufacturer guarantee or your insurance.

The electrical fitting is different depending on which wiring manufacturer’s kit you use. In the following example, we use a 13 pin approved and dedicated wiring kit.

Following the wiring instruction you need to run the wiring loom from the engine bay, underneath the vehicle (following the wiring underneath the vehicle) when you get to the rear, connect the kit to the rear electrical connectors and CAN (found behind the vehicles rear panels.) Wire up the 13pin plug and check all wiring is safe. Connect the fuses and activate the wiring kit.

Now you can replace the bumper.

Once the bumper has been replaced, plug in an trailer test board and check the connection.

Last job, but a very important part… Plug in a tow bar coding terminal and re-code the vehicle’s controller unit. This will activate things like vehicle stability control, towing ABS, and parking sensor cut off.

Time wise you will need around four hours.

It certainly isn’t a job to be completed unless you are proficient in vehicle mechanics and electrical systems. Getting it wrong can mean be a very expensive trip to the dealers.

Here are a few VW T6 tow bars we have fitted. As you can see we have used the Tow-Trust towbar as we feel the quality and fit are better on the T6 than other tow bar brands.

Volkswagen T6 Tow Bar
VW T6 Towbar

VW T6 Towbars

If you would like a quote for fitting your T6 with a tow bar then please get in touch on 0114 3607080 or complete the online tow bar fitting quote available HERE