Have a Tesla and want an aftermarket tow bar?

If you’re after a tow bar for a Tesla Model 3 then you’re in luck. The Tesla Model 3 has a maximum towing capability of 1000kg, so although you may not be towing the latest twin-wheeler caravan you will be able to tow a small lightweight one or a sub-1000 kg trailer.

If you’re looking to have a tow-bar-mounted bike carrier then you won’t have any issues.

We’re currently using the Oris Vertical Detachable tow bar system for fitting to the Model 3.

Ball Type: Detachable

Detachable Type: Vertical

Bumper Cuts: Non Visible

Towing Weight Kg 1030

Nose Weight Kg:100

Tow bar wiring is in the form of a dedicated 7 or 13-pin wiring loom that has been designed specifically for the Tesla Model 3. * The dedicated wiring is for lights only and does not include power for trailer stability or auxiliary power functions.

If you’re seeking to have a tow bar fitted for your Tesla then get in touch. We provide mobile tow bar fitting within a 90-minute drive from Sheffield.

Call on 0114 360 7080 or email ade@ultimatetowbars.co.uk

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