Got a horse? Got a horse trailer? Need a towbar for a horsebox trailer?

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What are your choices when chosing a towbar for towing a horsebox?

There are basically two types of tow balls that you can choose from for attaching your horse box to your vehicle:

Fixed flange or swan neck: This type has the towball permanently fixed directly on to the towbar.

Removable: This type of towball can be removed from the towbar when not towing. You won’t see the towball when not towing, as you can remove it and store it until the next time you need it.

Which towbar do we recommend for pulling a horse box?

Having a removable towball has one advantage, it can be removed when not being used. Many people choose this option as you don’t have the towball showing at the rear of your vehicle when not towing. Looks great, but there are a couple of things you need to know.

The removable towbars we supply are of the highest quality and designed for safety, but you must follow the manufacturer’s advice for looking after and using.

The removable section needs to be looked after. Keep spotlessly clean and check that it is working correctly before you connect to your towbar, you will also need to make absolutly sure the locking mechanism is engaged and locked into place. Failure to do this can make it dangerous to use. In fact there was a news item a couple of months ago about a horse trailer becomming detached from the towing vehicle while travelling.

Fixed and swanneck towbars:

These have a towball which is permanently attached to the tow bar. They can’t be taken off like the removable towbars. However, there benefit is the strength and durability they give. If you plan to tow regularly then we recommend this type of tow bar fitting. There’s little maintenance and they provide for a strong towbar connection between your vehicle and you horse box.

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Happy towing from the Ultimate Team.