You’ve had a tow bar fitted and are wondering about insurance…

If you are having a tow bar fitted, or have had a tow bar fitted then it is advisable to contact your insurance company to inform them. Usually there is no extra charge, but this depends on your insurance company and your policy.

Fitting a tow bar to a vehicle is classed as a modification and as such needs to be declared to the insurer.

In most cases your insurance policy will provide third-party cover for when you are towing. This means that should you have an accident that involves a third-party then you insurance will cover you for damage to the third-party. (It will not normally cover you for damage to your trailer, caravan or bike carrier.) Should you reverse your caravan into a wall the damage to the wall should be covered but the damage to your caravan will not.

If you want insurance cover for your caravan or trailer your will need to take out a separate insurance. (See link below)

Towbar and electrical modifications.

Tow bars for vehicle’s made after 1989 need to be type-approved by law. Not using a type-approved tow bar is a criminal offence and will also invalidate your vehicle insurance. Although most tow bars being fitted are type-approved we still see the odd one which has either been imported from a manufacturer without type approval or that has been either fabricated or modified in some way. Simply adding a drop plate that is not type-approved for the tow bar is a modification that will invalidate your insurance (plenty of these on the market)

Modifying the towing electrics can also have an effect on your insurance. Fitting wiring that isn’t vehicle specific can bring about major issues with vehicle safety. Activation of the vehicle’s safety features are bypassed unless wiring is used that’s specifically designed for it.

Always make sure your tow bar is type-approved and after fitting inform your insurance company.

If you need a quote for caravan insurance or trailer insurance then pop along to > Caravan Insurance Quote

Keep legal and keep safe.

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