Firstly we can assume that prices across the industry will increase during the first period of 2022. This is due to increased wholesale steel prices and to the global price rises from increased inflation and interest charges. The supply chain delays that we saw in 2021 should start to level out and stock levels will hopefully be back to where they were in 2020.

Electric Vehicle tow bars

We are seeing a large increase in the number of requests for tow bar supply and fitting to electric vehicles. In many cases, we can supply the tow bar and electrics for the EVs, but one problem that keeps coming up is the legality of towing with an electric vehicle. Most electric vehicles are not designed to tow anything at all, as you can imagine, the vehicle manufacturer wants distance per charge to be their first priority. Lightweight chassis and parts keep the weight down and the distance up. Not what you want to hear if you plan to tow a caravan.

To tow with an electric vehicle you need the vehicle to be approved for towing by the manufacturer and a tow bar manufacturer that makes a towing type approved towbar. To see if your vehicle is approved to tow you just need to check the VIN plate, which is normally found on the driver side door pillar or under the bonnet. If the Gross Train Weight is not shown then the vehicle cannot tow. You can still have a tow bar for use with a cycle carrier or tow box but not tow anything.

With several electric vehicles having a gross train weight then getting an aftermarket tow bar fitted is now starting to become popular. Contact us for a price to supply or supply and fit your electric car tow bar.

Towbar Wiring Advancements

Advances in vehicle technology make fitting vehicle-specific dedicated wiring essential. Safety features such as automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, vehilce stability control, vehicle proximity sensors, and automatic stop-start are all accounted for by having a vehicle-specific dedicated wiring kit fitted. Fitting universal wiring, also known as bypass wiring will bypass these safety features.

What’s in store for Ultimate Towbars in 2022?

Just like in previous years, we intend to keep customer care high on our list of priorities. We will be moving to new offices at the end of January, which will help us provide a more comprehensive service for both our mobile towbar fitting customers and the expansion of our eCommerce business. The new office will also be the base for our UK TowBox® supply headquarters.

Happy New year to all of our customers and suppliers.

Team Ultimate