Everyone wants the best parts and service at the best possible price, so we’re offering you just that!

We do keep a close eye on competitors’ prices so that we can try to offer tow bar fitting at the best price, however, if you’ve been given a price that appears better than we have quoted then read on…

At the Ultimate offices, we get daily calls from customers phoning around for the best tow bar fitting price, and in a few cases, we can often match and beat the price.

As a professional business that’s company’s house and VAT-registered we can’t compete on price with unapproved and unregistered fitters that aren’t paying VAT or who only fit tow bars a side-line to their actual work. What we can do though is give customers a competitive price when compared to our competitors.

If you have a price from an approved and registered tow bar business we welcome the opportunity to provide you with a quote that not only competes with the price but also beats it.

If you have a tow bar supply and fitting price and are seeking to better the price then complete our price match form and let’s see if we can beat it.

Remember, we only price-match approved and registered companies. We also only price match for the same parts and service.

The company that we price match must have the parts available and an available fitting appointment within two weeks of the quote they have provided.

To get your price match pop along to the following address https://www.ultimatetowbars.co.uk/price-match/

Team Ultimate Towbars