You’ve hitched up your trailer or caravan and plugged in your electrics and your trailer or caravan lights arn’t working.

Sometimes it’s just an easy case unplugging your electric connection and plugging it in again. Other times it requires someone to come out and fix the problem.


We offer a call out service that may be able to assist you.

Our emergency call out is available from 8am to 10pm, 7 days per week. Same day service (This is not guaranteed, but we try our best.)

We also cover emergency calls at the weekend too.

If you require our emergency call out then call us on 0114 360 7080 and speak to one of our technicians.

Please note: This is an emergency call out service for people having issues with their vehicle to trailer connections. We will not fit a wiring kit, repair electrical systems that have been incorrectly installed or where the electrical kit is not the correct type for your vehicle (where a universal kit has been installed when the vehicle required dedicated.)

Unfortunatly we can’t carry out repairs on the roadside. So your vehicle will need to be in a safe place away from traffic.

We can’t assist you if you’re on a motorway or dual carraigeway. |You will need to get your vehicle to a safe area away from traffic before we can assist.

The service is only available if you’re within a 30 mile radius of Sheffield. If you are further away then we might be able to assist but there would be an extra charge for time and fuel.

Telephone 0114 3607080 and speak to our technicians.

Call out rate is £62.50 + VAT and any parts that may be required.