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Do I need to put grease on my new tow bar?

For bike racks and ALKO caravan hitches, DO NOT put grease on the tow ball. For these applications, removing the paint covering the ball with sandpaper or equivalent is best so the hitch grips onto the metal.
If you are towing a trailer then check the manufacturer’s instructions, in many cases, the tow ball will e greased to allow the hitch to move freely on the tow ball.

I have been told that my BMW X5 2019 plate can be fitted with universal towing electrics, is this correct?

Unfortunately, this is not correct. You need to have BMW X5 2019 towing electrics fitted to your vehicle. Fitting universal electrics will void your BMW warranty and could also make towing with it dangerous. None of the vehicle’s towing safety features will be activated by universal electrics. Stay safe and have dedicated electrics fitted.

Do I Need 7-pin or 13-Pin Towing Electrics?

This depends on what you are towing. The BIG difference between the two is that 13-pin electrics include reverse lights, whereas 7-pin electrics do not. So, if your cycle carrier, trailer, caravan or tow bar-mounted carrier has reverse lights then we highly recommend you have the 13-pin electrics. The other benefit of choosing 13-pin wiring is that it enables you to use an adapter that works with 7-pin plugs.

All towing connections are changing to 13 pins, so we always recommend 13-pin connections over the basic 7-pin.

Why is it so expensive to have a tow bar fitted?

Tow bar fitting is a highly skilled and safety-critical task. It isn’t just a case of bolting on a tow bar to the vehicle’s chassis.

The vehicle, in most cases, needs to have the rear bumper, lights and interior of the boot removed. Exhausts may need to be disconnected from the hangers and any AdBlue tanks moved to enable access to the tow bar mounting points. The rear parking sensors will need disconnecting, along with any electrical connectors in the bumper.

The tow bar wiring needs to connect to the vehicle’s complex wiring system. The vehicle may also need its software updated to activate its towing safety features.

On average it should take an experienced tow bar fitter, on average, around 3 hours to fit a tow bar.

Apart from the actual fitting of the tow bar, there are also costs such as tools, vans, business insurance, VAT…

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