Aftermarket tow bar fitting for the Tesla Model 3.

First, let’s get one thing correct, YES you can have an aftermarket tow bar on a Tesla.

Whether you can tow with a Tesla depends on the Tesla model you have. Take a look at the vehicle handbook, or the chassis plate, usually on the passenger door pillar, this will give you the answer.

If the vehicle has a tow weight you can tow up to that weight (The normal maximum Tesla Model 3 tow weight is a maximum of 1000kg.).

A word of warning to those wanting to tow with a Tesla where the vehicle does not have a tow weight, ‘ Don’t do it!’ The vehicle is not strong enough to support towing if there’s no tow weight. (Serious damage to the car will occur if you hook a caravan up and tow it.)

If you want to have a cycle carrier on a Tesla then the vehicle does not need a tow weight. You can have a tow bar fitted just for use with a cycle carrier. (providing you stick to the tow bar’s maximum neck weight.)

What tow bar brand do we fit to Teslas?

We always supply and fit the Oris or Westfalia detachable tow bar as these are the OEM tow bar for Tesla factory tow bar fitting.

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Aftermarket tow bars for Tesla

For the Tesla tow bar electrics, we use an approved dedicated wiring loom. As you will appreciate, the Tesla Model 3 has very complex electronics and fitting anything less than an approved wiring is just asking for trouble.

Is there a bumper cut for a Tesla aftermarket tow bar?

Most of the Tesla Model 3s come with a factory tow panel in the underskirt of the bumper. This alleviates any bumper cut at all. If your Tesla doesn’t have the factory tow panel then a small window needs to be cut into the under panel to allow for the tow bar and electrical socket. This is not visible unless you look under the vehicle.

Does fitting a tow bar to a Tesla invalidate its warranty?

Providing an approved tow bar and electrics have been used there should be nothing to invalidate the Tesla warranty. You can double-check this by contacting the team at your local Tesla dealership.

Will Tesla accept the vehicle back with a tow bar fitted at the end of my lease?

In most cases, yes. However, we had one customer who was told they would not accept the vehicle with a tow bar fitted. This wasn’t a problem as we removed the tow bar for the customer before he returned the vehicle.

What is the price for an aftermarket towbar on a Tesla?

This depends on the type of tow bar, the model of the vehicle, the electrics you need, and the fitting location. The easiest way to find the price is to complete our online tow bar fitting price form found at or call us during office hours on 0114 360 7080.

Ultimate tow bars can fit your Tesla with a tow bar provided you’re within around a 60-mile drive from Sheffield.

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To work out the tow weight of your Tesla follow our simple guide to finding your maximum tow weight >

To get more information about towing with a Tesla please visit Tesla’s own website at >

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