1. Prices for Towbars are currently LOW
    Prices have not yet increased and stock is available to us at pre-lockdown prices.  According to current research prices will increase across the entire leisure industry.
  2. We are Currently Quiet for Fittings
    Tow bar manufacturers and the motor trade are currently in lockdown, our fitting team are currently quiet and have plenty of appointment slots available for domestic tow bar fittings.

  3. You Can Probably Manage without your Vehicle for a Couple of Hours
    Most of the time our tow bar fitting service is completed at the customer’s premises.  This saves you messing around dropping your vehicle off at a tow bar fitting garage.  Plus, as you’re probably using your vehicle a lot less than normal the moment, then it’s the ideal time to get a tow bar fitted.  

  4. We’re Experts at Fitting Towbars
    Fitting a tow bar is not a simple task and is best left to experts who do this every day.  There are places that fit cheap towbars as part of their general vehicle repair and maintenance business but we recommend sticking to the experts.  Safety and reliability are paramount when it comes to towing.  Don’t risk it by going for the cheapest option available as in the end the cheapest often turns out to be the most expensive.  Tow safely and only use expert tow bar fitters.
  5. Our Lifetime Tow bar Guarantee
    Every tow bar that we fit comes with our unbeatable vehicle LIFETIME Guarantee.  Most tow bar fitting businesses will give you either no towbar guarantee or will just nod in the direction of the manufacturer to sort out any guarantee.  We give all customers a vehicle lifetime guarantee that’s second to none.

  6. You’ll be ready to Roll
    Getting your vehicle primed and ready to tow will save you time and mean you’re ready to hook up your caravan / trailer / bike carrier and get towing as soon as the government lift the lockdown regulations. 

Happy Towing – Team Ultimate

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