Towbar Electrics

Due to the complex electronics in modern vehicles, we highly recommend having tow bar electrics fitted by an experienced tow bar fitter or auto electrician.

The towbar wiring kits we supply are all approved dedicated electrics, this means they are made specifically for the make and model of your vehicle.  In many cases the wiring kits are not easy to fit, they often require the removal of the vehicle’s bumper and interior panels, sometimes including partial removal of the dashboard panels.

Depending on the vehicle make and model, after fitting a dedicated wiring kit the vehicle’s software may need updating to activate the towing features in the vehicle.  This can be completed by your local vehicle dealership or tow bar company.  Please note:  On some dedicated wiring kits the vehicle needs coding to activate the trailer lights and for fault warning.(without the fault warning signal being active the vehicle will fail an MOT test.)

Having said all that… If you are confident with vehicle electrics and have the required tools and skills then we can supply you with the correct dedicated wiring for your vehicle.

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