Privacy Policy

Who we are:

Our registered business is Ultimate Towbar Systems Limited. (We also trade as Ultimate Towbars.) Our business registration number is 12398958. Our VAT registration number is 348046592. Our website address is

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

Email correspondence, online forms, and purchase information: We collect personal information from you to allow us to fulfill your order or answer your questions. This information is kept securely by us to enable us to supply you with updates that may be appropriate for your product and also to ensure your product guarantee is up-to-date and active. We may also use your details to send you information we feel may be of interest or benefit to you. You’re information will be stored securely and will not be shared with third parties, unless necessary as part of a manufacturer product guarantee requirement.

Personal information that we may keep includes your name, address, vehicle registration number, date of purchasing any products, email address, and phone number.


Our website uses cookies that allow us to help improve the website and also assist you with navigation and online shopping. The cookies help to prevent online fraud, help us to target the website content towards the needs of our visitors, and help make the website content more user friendly. Some of the cookies tell us what pages visitors have looked at, whereabouts they are from, and what type of device they have used to view the site. The cookies do not carry personal information, nor can they identify who you are.

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How long we keep your personal information:

We only keep information while it is deemed necessary to fulfill requirements. This may include keeping it for government requirements, product and service guarantee requirements, and the requirement to communicate future updates or offers.