Thinking of fitting an aftermarket tow bar to the Porsche Cayenne?

Here’s a quick guide outlining a few things you will need to know.

The Porsche Caymen certainly makes a credible tow car for those with the budget to afford it. Starting at a price of £62,450 (as of May 2022) the Porsche Cayenne is dripping in Porsche style. Whatever your thoughts on the Porsche brand, no one can dispute the overall luxury and performance that adorn all Porsche vehicles.

The Cayenne reaches 60 mph in just over 6 seconds and keeps on accelerating to a hair raising 152mph top speed. Towing specifications include a maximum tow weight of 3,500kg for a braked trailer, with a maximum nose weight of 140kg. (plenty to go at if you’re looking for a competent tow car or just something to stick a couple of eBikes on the rear.)

Fuel consumption is a little heavy at around 23mpg combined. Although I guess if you can afford the car you can certainly afford the fuel and time spent filling it up while onlookers drool over your pride and joy.

Fitting a tow bar to Porsche Cayenne

Parts: We used the Westfalia detachable tow bar from Witter UK and a dedicated wiring loom from Erich Jeager (Germany)

Time: You will need around four hours to complete the fitting.

Stripping the Vehicle Down

As you can imagine, removing the rear bumper on the Porsche Cayenne isn’t easy and certainly isn’t advisable unless you have some experience in removing vehicle parts.

Removing the Bumper

Start by removing the T20 screws in the wheel arch linings and the two covers under the exhausts and under the bumper edges.

You will now need to pull the outside arch cover from the edge of the wheel arch. (These are held in position with plastic clips that need a really good tug to release them from the bumper. We recommend being careful not to pull off too much of the arch cover, this will make fitting back a lot easier.) Once the arch cover is off it will reveal two more T20 screws (one at the bottom of the arch and another near the bumper tip.)

There are several screws on the bottom edge of the bumper that needs removing and you will need to remove the light clusters…

Removing the light clusters on a new Porsche Cayenne.

Remove the black cover that sites between the light cluster and the boot. This will reveal two fastenings that need removing. You then need to remove some of the boot linings. from inside the boot area, look inside the arch towards the rear of the light cluster, you will find a 10mm nut that secures the rear of the light cluster and needs removing. Remove the nut and the light cluster will easily come away from the vehicle.

Once all of the fixings are off the bumper, remember to carefully remove the bumper and unclip any electrical connections between the bumper and the car.

Remove the rear crash beam, held in place by four bolts on either end and replace the tow bar. (make sure that the bolts are tightened in accordance with the tow bar fitting instructions.

After the tow bar has been fitted you can attach the neck and electrical socket mounting plate.

Fitting the Electrics

The wiring kit we used was provided by Erich Jaeger (Germany.) Due to the complexity of the wiring system, we won’t be going into specifics in relation to the fitting of the dedicated wiring kit but will say that all tow bar electrical connections were available in the rear of the vehicle. (Follow the instructions on the wiring instructions provided with the wiring kit and you can’t go wrong.)

When the wiring has been connected you can fit the socket.

Depending which bumper is fitted to the Porsche Cayenne model will dictate f you need to make a bumper cut. (We needed to make a non-visible cut to the bumper on the model we fitted to.)

You can now refit the Cayenne’s bumper.

Nearly there now…

If your dedicated wiring kit is read/write you will now need to complete a software update.

Test all of the vehicle lights and trailer functions are working, including reverse sensors and rear radars and you’re done.

Porsche cayenne tow bar fitting instructions. >

The information provided is for reference use only. Ultimate Towbars accepts no responsibility in any way for any damage caused by following any of the fitting tips provided.

We recommend getting an experianced and approved tow bar fitting company to fit your tow bar. Tow bars are a safety critical accessory and getting it wrong can be deadly. We do not recommend fitting your own tow bar unless you are experianced, a simple mistake fitting the electrics, or even a slip with a screwdriver will costa lot more than paying for hte job to be done professionally. This is especially true when fitting a tow bar to a Porsche Cayenne costing over £60,000.

If you are looking to purchase the Porsche Cayenne tow bar and dedicated wiring kit then please get in touch

Alternatively if you’re seeking to have a tow bar fitted to the new Porsche Cayenne then contact us at or give us a call on 0114 360 7080.

The vehicle we fitted to was a 2021 Cayenne owned by a private customer and the tow bar was fittied at the Porsche Centre, Hull.

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