There’s a buzz in the air and it’s all about the new offering from Volkswagen, the new and innovative ID BUZZ.

Designed with the original VW transporter in mind the Buzz certainly has reminiscent looks that will no doubt massively appeal to fans of the VW transporter range.

The vehicle is fully electric and has a host of on board technology that could be straight out of an episode of The Jetsons.  Such as SWARM data, where several vehicle’s share information between themselves, automatic speed adjustment, predictive cruise control.

If you’re wondering what ID stands for, it’s Innovative Design.  Something that Volkswagen have certainly achieved with the ID BUZZ.  

The 77kw battery will buzz you along at up to 90mph and for around 200 to 250 miles between charges.  

The models will include a Buzz van and VW will also be releasing a California version for those wondering if there will be a camper version.

 When will the VW Buzz be available and what’s the price?

We should start seeing the buzz on the roads from October 2022, contact VW to order yours.

Prices start just shy of £58000 for the basic model. Leasing will be available from VW for those who prefer that option.

Towing with a VW BUZZ

Very few all electric vehicles are homologated for towing; However, as the BUZZ is classed as a commercial vehicle Volkswagen have actually released a tow weight for it, you will be able to tow with an ID Buzz.  Having said that, the maximum tow weight is 1000kg, so a braked trailer or micro light caravan weighing less than 1000kg is possible.

To date we have no information from the tow bar manufacturers as to a date when an aftermarket tow bar will be available, but we will let you know as soon as there is one.

Due to the advanced electronics in the Buzz any tow bar would need to be fitted alongside towing electrics that have been purposefully designed for the vehicle. Again, we are still waiting for confirmation as to when the manufacturers will be producing these.

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