Since the Government abolished the requirement for individuals to pass a trailer-test before they hooked up and towed away their trailer/caravan it seems the ability for some to tow safely has raised concerns. This appears to have sparked the need for a Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) approved towing safety accreditation, which it is hoped will encourage those wanting to tow to get some training and certification before they hook up.

This is excellent news for the many trailer trainers up and down the country who have suffered from a downturn in business after the government ended the compulsory trailer test in December 2021. However, before being able to offer accredited training the trailer trainer must be accredited in order to provide the credited training to the public. If you’re itching to be one of the first people to gain towing accreditation then it might be worth contacting RED Driver Risk Management, whom we have heard will be one of the providers for the scheme. >

Although not currently a legal requirement, gaining accreditation might help to bring down your annual insurance premium (if recognised by your insurance company), but most of all will give people who are towing the knowledge needed to tow safely and within the law. It will also give them the kudos that they have a least had their knowledge and skills at driving whilst towing tested by a professional.

The new trailer accreditation will be tailored towards the individual’s main towing needs, if you’re wanting to tow a caravan, horse trailer, small trailer, or even a large trailer with a car on it.

The benefit for professional tow drivers and companies is that the new accreditation will give the needed proof of training for the health and safety requirements required by the Health and Safety Executive.

The big difference between the accredited scheme and the old license category authority to tow is the new scheme will be available to everyone, regardless of how long they have held their license.

To find out more about the new trailer accreditation contact your local trailer training company, or check out the Driver and Vehicle Agency website at >

Safe towing is our main priority at Ultimate Towbars. We want to see all of our customers traveling safely and legally every time they hook up and tow.

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