As of June the 1st 2022 local councils will have the power to hand out fines for moving traffic offenses.

Until now, only the police had the power to fine motorists for moving traffic offenses. However, from June the 1st, your local council will be able to apply for permission to administer and fine motorists for certain traffic offenses.

Offenses they will be able to fine motorists for moving traffic offenses including, traveling in a bus lane, stopping in a yellow hatched area of the road, U-turns (where not allowed), driving the wrong way on a one-way street, and making a turn where not allowed. If the councils catch motorists committing one of the moving traffic offenses they will fine the driver between £20 and £104 depending on the severity of the offense. Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras will be used by councils to regulate any moving traffic offenses.

Any revenue generated from the new scheme will be kept by the councils and can be used to improve their all roads.

Although it is not expected that the new powers will be actively being used until the end of 2022, or early 2023, there is no doubt that local councils will be rushing to get the authority and the ANPR cameras in place as soon as possible.

Hopefully, the extra money generated by the change of powers will help to elevate some of the issues we all experience while driving, two of them being bad drivers and poorly kept roads.

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