Fitting a second hand towbar might seem like a cheap way of getting your vehicle hitched to your trailer or caravan, the reality is that it might be more costly than you think…

Firstly, the towbar would need to have been removed from an identical vehicle, same make, model, year and chasis. Even vehicles manufactured the same year can have different chasis layouts. You would need to be absolutely certain that the bar was manufactured to fit your vehicle.

Secondly, the towbar would need to have its Type Approval information clearly visible on it. These are sometimes attached to the plate that secures the towbar electrical plug in place and are a legal requirement for all towbars. Without the type approval information the towbar would be illegal, potential fine, plus your insurance would be invalid if you should ever need to make a claim. Your vehicle would also very likely fail its MOT test, as a towbar type approval sign is a requirement for the test. many used towbars don’t have the type approval information visible.

Thirdly, you should consider the safety aspect. You probably don’t know the history of the towbar, if it has been misused then it could well be in a dangerous state.

We certainly can’t recommend anyone buying a second hand towbar. The risk is too great to make it a worthwhile purchase. We realise that towbars don’t come cheap, but neither does the safety of your family, other road users or yourself.

Put safety and peace of mind first and fit a new towbar.

Safe Towing – Team Ultimate