“How much to have a tow bar fitted?”…the most asked question that we get here at Ultimate Towbars. The answer is often more complex than people think and can vary quite a bit depending on the following:


Different vehicles require different towbars, there is no ‘one size fits all.’ Most vehicle chassis are different and each one requires a purpose-designed tow bar. It’s not just a case of fitting a simple tow bar, the law requires a tow bar that has been designed and made for your specific vehicle and that’s been certified for use with that vehicle.


Towbars are vehicle specific, they also vary in price and quality, depending on the vehicle and the brand of the tow bar.

At Ultimate Towbars we only fit premium quality towbars. As the tow bar is the only thing connecting your trailer/caravan/bike carrier to your vehicle then we feel you want something that’s strong, reliable, and safe. We don’t deal in cheap towbars, in many cases, the prices aren’t that different.

Towbars come in three different styles:

  1. Fixed – Fixed is exactly what it sound like. The tow ball is permanently fixed to the towbar. Solid, safe and secure.
  2. Swan Neck – The swan neck attaches to the towbar and is shaped like a swan’s neck. This loops under your bumper and is permanently fixed. The price is normally around the same price as the fixed.
  3. Removable – with removable towbars you have the option of removing the tow ball part when not in use. When you need to tow you just attach the removable part of the tow bar, plug in the electrics and off you go. Removable towbars are more expensive than the fixed bars.


Basically, there are two main tow ball types – Standard and Alko
If you’re towing with an Alko stabiliser, then you will need the Alko tow ball.


There are two main choices when it comes to towing electrics…

Dedicated Electrics – Like the towbars, dedicated towing electrics are specifically designed for your vehicle. Dedicated towbar electrics work together with your vehicle’s complex electronics and allow advanced features to work. These include things like, bulb failure warning, automatic parking sensor deactivation, auto cruise control updates (to account for towing vehicle weight,), ABS system updating to allow for the towing weight.
Apart from being the safest option, fitting dedicated towing electrics will not invalidate your vehicle warranty.

Universal Towing Electrics – If your vehicle is over five years old, then universal electrics can be fitted. Universal towing electrics simply attach to your car’s wiring system to relay the vehicle’s signals to your trailer/caravan. They do not have the safety features that dedicated kits enjoy.

Fitting universal electrics to a vehicle that has complex electronics (most vehicles after 2015) can be dangerous and will invalidate any manufacturer or dealer warranty.


Two options here… 7 pin or 13 pin.
Seven-pin electrics will give you all of the basic electrical connections needed. Great for small trailers and bike racks, however, this type of socket has been replaced on caravans built after 2008 in the UK. New caravans now use the 13 pin standard socket.
Thirteen pin electrics will give you all of the basics plus additional connections for things like auxiliary power and reversing lights.


Different vehicles, different towbars, and different electrics all have different tow bar fitting times. This is the reason why each tow bar fitting can range in price. At Ultimate Towbars we have a minimum tow bar fitting price of £125 + VAT (This includes on-site fitting, all supplementary parts, and our lifetime towbar guarantee.)

To Sum Up…

‘How much to fit a tow bar is not a simple answer. At Ultimate Towbars we only fit towbars and accessories that are compatible with your vehicle.

We only fit branded premium quality towbars that have been vehicle approved and comply with strict government towing regulations.

We fit dedicated electrics where possible. The increased safety and compatibility with your vehicle’s electrical system are more than worth the small price difference when compared to universal towing electrics.

Our experienced professional fitting team comes out to you and will expertly fit your towbar at your home or workplace.

To get a fitted tow bar price you need to add up all of the required parts and then work out the fitting price. It’s certainly not a simple single price for all.

To get a tow bar fitting price that includes everything then please fill in our towbar fitting price quote available HERE

Safe and Happy Towing from Team Ultimate Towbars.