We’ve had another hectic week at Ultimate Towbars, Summer has arrived at last and everyone seems to want a tow bar so they can get out and make the most of our lovely weather. This week we’ve had a few requests from people struggling to find a tow bar or tow bar installer that can fit a tow bar to their vehicle. A few of the requests might surprise you.

Let’s start with getting a tow bar for a Tesla Model 3 to tow a caravan. A car you might presume would be well capable of pulling a small caravan or trailer? I’m afraid not. We only have one supplier that manufactures the Tesla model 3 tow bar and unfortunately, the tow bar is not type-approved for towing. This means it can only be used for a bike carrier or tow box.

What about the latest Skoda Octavia? Yes you can tow a caravan with it, yes we can get the tow bar, yes we can get the dedicated wiring, no we haven’t got the vehicle coding. So, until the coding is available to us we are unable to fit the Skoda Octavia tow bar.

Ssangyong Korando tow bar. You would think there would be tow bars aplenty for the Ssangyong range of vehicles, you would be wrong. This week we had a call from someone trying to find a detachable tow bar for his brand new Ssangyong Korando. After checking our main suppliers and competitors it appeared that no tow bar was available, with most manufacturers liting the tow bar as ‘in development.’ Luckily we have some amazing contacts within the industry and within the hour had a nice new detachable tow bar and dedicated wiring kit in our hands. (Possibly the only one in the country.)

How about a tow bar for an Infinity? Nowhere has them and none of the manufacturers make them… Wrong. We can supply and fit type-approved tow bars for the infinity range of Vehicles.

Audi A8 detachable tow bar? Yep… we can supply and fit Audi A8 tow bars.

Tow bars for electric cars? Yes, we can supply electric vehicle tow bars,

We have special contacts throughout the industry and can get tow bars for most vehicles, even hard to find tow bars.

If you’re having trouble trying to find a tow bar then send us an email and see what we can do.

Just email info@ultimatetowbars with your vehicle make, model, and year, plus registration and see if we can help you get a tow bar.

Keep safe and keep on towing.

Team ultimate Towbars