Buying and fitting a used tow bar, or even transferring a tow bar might seem a great money-saving idea, but before you go ahead read this…

There’s a large amount of second-hand tow bars changing hands on eBay and social media selling pages, many of them taken from a scrap vehicle and at super bargain prices. The issue with most of them is that they have already been used. Why is this a problem?

The biggest issue is the tow bars history. Unless you know the history of the tow bars use then you are really changing your valuable caravan, trailer or bikes being still on the rear of your vehicle after a journey. Rear impacts, unapproved use, extended use and heavy towing can all have a major impact on the safety of the tow bar. Cracks can appear in the welds that are not visible, slight bends in the structure and rust can make a second-hand bargain tow bar a rather deadly piece of metal, especially if used for towing.

Legally you can be fined up to £2500 for driving with an unapproved, faulty or dangerous tow bar.
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For those who choose to still go ahead and want to know here are a few things you need to know.

The tow bar must be approved for the make and model that it is being fitted to.

The tow bar must be fitted using the manufacturer’s fitting instructions, including using a torque wrench to ensure all bolts are tightened to the manufacturer’s exact measurements.

Bolds, washers and lock nuts must be new and not previously used. Towbar bolt packs are usually available through your local tow bar fitter or tow bar store.

The tow bar must have the type approval information on the bar and this must be visible.

Safety and reliability should be the priority when buying a tow bar, used towbars are never going to be either.

From a professional viewpoint, tow bar fitters should not be fitting used tow bars to any vehicle. Professional indemnity insurance will only cover the fitting of new parts that can be traced back through the supply chain. If they fit a used tow bar then any issues will legally be their personal responsibility.

Ultimate do not recommend fitting a used tow bar to any vehicle.

Team Ultimate.

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