Cheap tow bars and cheap tow bar fitting seem to be the priority for many people, if you are one of those then please keep reading…

As you may know, here at Ultimate Towbars we only fit approved parts, this includes type-approved tow bars and vehicle-approved electronics. We fit approved parts for vehicle and trailer compatibility, safety, and legality.

Every day we receive phone calls from people who request a quote and then say they have been quoted cheaper by another tow bar fitter. Great, we all like a bargain and we all look for the best value we can get… HOWEVER, like most things that are very cheap, there is a price to pay. So, here are a few things to consider if you’re looking for a cheap tow bar fitting.

Tow bar fitting is generally an unregulated industry, there is no official governing body and there is no regulation as to whom may fit a tow bar to a vehicle. This means that anyone with a spanner can legally fit a tow bar to a vehicle. I say legally in the context of there being no legal qualification needed to fit a tow bar, you cannot literally legally fit a tow bar with a spanner as to legally fit a tow bar you must comply with the type-approval for it. This includes fitting the tow bar exactly to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Type approval is a legal requirement for all tow bars designed for vehicles made after 1989. This is a government requirement that must be complied with. The type approval of a tow bar includes the design, the manufacturing and the fitting. Any adaptation of the tow bar, including using unapproved accessories, using unapproved bolts, not fitting the tow bar to the manufacturer’s requirement will invalidate type approval and render the tow bar illegal. Having a none type approved tow bar on a vehicle can also mean MOT failure. Type approval is a legal requirement, so if you get a cheap tow bar price then make certain the tow bar is type approved.

Tow bar electrics are nearly always the big difference between value-for-money and el cheap.

Modern vehicles require modern electrical parts that are specifically approved for the vehicle. It’s no longer possible to expect a cheap universal tow bar wiring kit to do the job of purpose-designed wiring loom. Many cars today also need a software update to activate the dedicated tow bar electronics. The software update tells the vehicle when you are towing and activates the towing safety features. The other big benefit with approved towing electrics is their reliability and protection capabilities. A correctly installed approved wiring loom integrates into your car offers superb reliability and safety for both the vehicle and trailer/caravan, unlike the cheap universal electrics that merely attach with Scotch locks to the rear light wiring. Universal tow bar wiring is certainly a lot cheaper than vehicle-specific wiring but should it develop a fault (they regularly do) then the price of repair can cost thousands.

The BIG difference between value-for-money tow bar fitting and cheap tow bar fitting is also down to the legitimacy of the fitting company. There are too many unregulated and uninsured people masquerading as tow bar fitters. As previously stated, anyone can legally fit a tow bar. This has led to lots of inexperienced people offering a tow bar fitting service. These are the people offering the super cheap, cannot be matched, cheap as chips offers. They are that cheap for a reason, and in many cases, it is more than just because they use un-approved parts.

During the past week, we’ve had customers telling us horror stories of tow bars coming loose, tow bar electrics setting on fire, caravan lights that don’t work after a tow bar has been fitted, cars with engine management lights permanently on. Unfortunately, we cannot help to rectify the problems caused by someone else.

Still looking for the cheapest tow bar fitting?

Our advice is only to use a reputable tow bar fitting company.   It really is not worth the risk of having the cheapest.

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