We’re adding BRINK TOWBARS to our range!

If you don’t know, BRINK towbars then keep reading…

Brink is a global market leader in designing, producing tow bars for both leading car manufacturers and professional tow bar fitting companies. With over two hundred new types of tow bar design every year, and currently has about 25 million vehicles worldwide driving around with a BRINK towbar fitted.

We took the decision to add BRINK to our suppliers because they have a vast range of towbars that will enable us to supply an even greater range of towbar options to our customers.

Our suppliers now include Aragon tow bars, BRINK towbars, PCT Automotive tow bars, TowTrust towbars, Witter towbars, Westfalia tow bars, plus we have access to several other lesser-known manufacturers.

So if you’re looking for an OEM tow bar supplier or hard-to-find towbars then get in touch.

We’re approved tow bar fitters and fit towbars in the following areas and in some cases further…

Towbar fitting Derbyshire, Cheshire, South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Humberside, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Lancashire, Staffordshire,

If you’re getting a tow bar fitted then don’t chance cheapest, always go for safety and quality first.

Team Ultimate Towbars.