As you might know when a new vehicle model is made it takes time for tow bar manufacturers to design and develop a new aftermarket tow bar. In fact, the tow bar development and production is only one part of the tow bar package.

New vehicles also need a vehicle-specific dedicated wiring loom, which also takes time to design and get into production.

Then, with the latest vehicles, there’s the vehicle coding. This is needed to activate the vehicle’s towing safety features, and with many of the new vehicles, to even activate the trailer lighting functions. The vehicle coding on new vehicles has been under development for over a year, but we are pleased that we now have the coding for many of the latest models. See the list below for the latest tow bars we are able to fit and code…

New Ford Kuga 2021 tow bar, electrics, and vehicle coding.

New Skoda Octavia 2021 Tow bar, electrics, and coding

New Seat Leon Towbar, electrics and coding

New VW Golf 8 Tow bar, electrics, and coding

New VW Caddy 2021 Tow bar, electrics, and coding

New ID3 Towbar, electrics, and coding

New ID5 Tow bar, electrics, and coding

We are adding new vehicle tow bars on a daily basis. Contact us if your tow bar is not listed,

Remember, whatever vehicle you have we are there to help you get towing. Visit our online tow bar quote page and fill in the information to get a personalised quote.

Keep on Towing… Team Ultimate towbars