Towbar Fitting – Audi RS6

Today we had the pleasure of fitting a Westfalia detachable tow bar along with approved dedicated wiring and vehicle coding to a customer’s Audi RS6.

The customer contacted us through one of our premier clients after sourcing his Audi RS6 online.

He originally requested a bar for an Audi RS6 that used dynamic ride control. (DRC) Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to fit a tow bar to the DRC version of the RS6 due to the location of the DRC cylinders (attached to the rear crash beam.) The rear beam needs removing to enable a tow bar to be fitted.

If you’re thinking of having a tow bar on an RS6 then check the vehicle does not have DRC.

The vehicle we fitted to had a tow panel in the bumper and also had a tow weight, meaning you can actually tow with the car. To check if your RS6 can tow, look at the chassis plate (located driver’s side lower door pillar) The plate will give the weights for the car. Please see our guide found at

The fitting of the tow bar requires the rear of the car to be stripped down, including the removal of the rear bumper, the crash beam, the disconnecting of parking sensors, and the removal of the rear lights. Unless you are experienced in this then we highly recommend getting a professional company to do the work.

The tow bar wiring on the RS6 needs to be the approved dedicated wiring loom. With the complex wiring and electronics on the RS6 it is not advisable to fit anything but the approved wiring.

Vehicle coding is essential after fitting a tow bar on the Audi RS6

This vehicle does require a software update after the electrics have been fitted. There are multiple functions that are automatically activated when the towing electrics are active. The engine management, suspension, cruise control, ABS, rear camera, rear fog control and parking sensors are all coded on the Audi RS6.

We have to admit, the Audi RS6 looks awesome as a tow car and with performance to match.

The vehicle has a towing capacity of 2,200kg (check your vehicle’s tow weight), so plenty of tow weight for a large trailer or caravan. With its power rating of 551 HP and enough torque to pull an HGV the car is sure to make light work of pulling a large trailer or caravan.

Fitting the tow bar and wiring to the Audi RS6 is complicated and we suggest getting a professional that has experience of fitting towbars to high-end vehicles to do the job. Not getting things right can be a very expensive experience that will no doubt need Audi’s involvement to rectify.

Audi RS6 with detachable tow bar.
Audi RS6 with detachable tow bar.

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We have had several RS6 owners contact us regarding having a tow bar fitted to the RS6 with Dynamic Ride Control (DRC) We can confirm that it is NOT possible to fit a tow bar on DRC vehicles.

If you’re unsure if your RS6 has DRC then check the chassis plate for towing weight. If the weight is zero then it is highly likely you have DRC fitted. For checking a vehicle’s tow weight please see…

Audi RS6 Towbar
Audi RS6 Towbar