Getting a new car and wanting an aftermarket towbar?

You’re getting a new car and need a towbar. Here are a couple of things you need to know.

Firstly, you need to ensure the company that’s fitting the tow bar knows what they are doing and is appropriately covered by insurance. Believe me, there are LOADS that are not experienced or covered by insurance.

You also need to make sure they are giving you a written guarantee, that includes the work they are doing. The tow bar and wiring will be covered by the manufacturer, but they don’t cover you if the tow bar and wiring haven’t been fitted correctly.

Secondly, the parts fitted to the vehicle MUST be approved parts. This includes the tow bar and the electrics. If the car is fitted with anything but an approved vehicle-specific wiring kit then your vehicle manufacturer warranty will be invalid. (if your dealer is organising the tow bar fitting then get them to confirm this!) We have had several cases where dealer fit towbars have invalidated the car’s warranty due to their tow bar fitter using universal bypass wiring.) You also need to check if the car needs coding after the electrics have been fitted. (This is usually completed by the tow bar fitter or in some cases by the dealership.)

To sum up

  • Please make sure that any parts fitted to your new car are approved parts.
  • Make sure that any tow bar wiring is vehicle specific and approved for use on the car.
  • Under no circumstances let universal bypass wiring be fitted to your new car.
  • Check that the tow bar fitter is experienced and the company is legitimate (not just a mobile phone number and an unregistered business name.)
  • A written invoice and guarantee are a MUST.
  • If the dealership is organising the tow bar fitting then check that they are providing you with a written guarantee for the work.

Getting the right company to fit your tow bar will give you years of trouble-free towing and won’t invalidate your manufacturer warranty. Get it done once and done right. (done wrong, and what seemed like a good idea to save money will be a very expensive road trip to the dealership.)

If you need any advice about tow bar fitting then give us a call (0114 360 7080), we’re always happy to give advice even if you aren’t within our fitting area.

Happy Towing 🙂

Team Ultimate.