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TowBox Review

Orange towbar box

We’ve just had the latest V3 TowBox delivered from TowCar.

So, here’s what you need to know about the Tow Box V3.

The Tow Box is essentially a box that attaches to your tow bar. Manufactured from high density and high-quality polymer the tow box is designed to be strong and durable while looking great.

The difference between the TowCar TowBox and other tow bar mounted boxes is that the Tow Car tow box is an all-in-one solution. The tow bar connection is built into the tow box, where many on the market require an additional mounting plate to be purchased that their tow box is attached to.

On delivery the Tow Box comes in a very large and strong cardboard box. It’s certainly well packed and will need two people to move until it is unboxed.

The trick to unboxing is that the bottom of the box is separate from the rest. All you need to do is cut the plastic ties and lift off the packaging. Once lifted off you can see the TowBox. It is probably better with two people unpacking but it is possible to unpack and fit the TowBox on your own.

Fitting to the vehicle is quite straightforward. The tow box connects to any 50mm tow ball. Wheel the Tow Box to the rear of your vehicle and align the hitch connector to your tow bar. You then just need to straighten the tow box by maneuvering it while it pivots on the tow ball. Once straight it’s simply a case of pressing down on the locking lever and then once locked in to place lock the lever with the key.

Once on the vehicle you can attach the breakaway cable and plug in the electrics. The box is provided with both a 7 pin and 13 pin connector. The lights are certainly an eye-catching feature of the tow box, with LED lighting and progressive indicators. The box fits very neatly behind the vehicle and unlike roof bars created next to no drag when traveling.

Opening up the tow box reveals a cavernous area for storage. Due to the type of plastics used the box is not only very strong, but it is also easy to clean. Making it ideal for carrying wet or dirty boots, clothes, or equipment. My thoughts are that the TowBox would be perfect for use by hikers, water sport enthusiasts, climbers, cavers, sports clubs, and of course for those looking for extra luggage space for camping or to use for business purposes.

All-in-all the TowBox V3 is a really useful piece of kit that will do the job and last. Simple to load and easy to take on and off your vehicle. Security-wise the box locks on to the tow ball and the lid of the box also locks with a key.

Opening the tow box…

Once opened you have an amazing 400 litres of space that has a maximum payload of 50kgs (please check the maximum nose weight of your tow bar before using with heavy items)

The tow box has three settings that can change the distance of the box from the back of the vehicle. Facilitated by a foot pedal the distance can be set to allow things such as bike carriers and spare wheels that are boot mounted to be accommodated. On the third setting the tow box tips forwards to allow access to the vehicle’s boot.

Apart from the very bright V3 Sport orange there are an additional FIVE colour options available. Arctic White, Camper Green, Classic Grey, Marine Blue and Urban Black.

We are certainly impressed with the TowBox V3. Easy and quick to put on your vehicle four big benefits over a roof box:

  1. The towbox is a lot easier to attach to the vehicle than a roof box
  2. Loading the tow box is simple, no struggling to lift items above your head.
  3. Better fuel economy, as the tow box sits right behind the vehicle there is next to zero drag.
  4. Quietness… Unlike a roof box the TowBox is silent, making for a peaceful drive without the annoying wind noise.

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Car with towbox attached