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Towbar Fitting

How long does it take to fit a towbar?

Towbar fitting time varies significantly from vehicle to vehicle. We ill give you an estimate when we quote you for your Towbar Fitting

How much weight can my vehicle tow?

You can find this information in your vehicle handbook. Each vehicle varies in towing capacity

Why is a Dedicated Wiring Kit better?

Dedicated Wiring Kits are manufactured specifically for your vehicle make and model. Most of the time they connect directly to your vehicle without the need for soldering or scotchloks. Dedicated kits also activate advanced towing features and vehicle safety features such as Trailer Stability (Vehicle Dependant)

Will my vehicle have to be recoded after the towbar fitting?

In most cases yes! This is to ensure that your vehicle can communicate with the towbar electrics to enable advanced towbar and safety features.

Can I fit my own towbar?

We highly reccomend that a competent towbar fitter fits your towbar due to the complexity of the installation.

Should I inform my insurance company about my towbar

Because a towbar is an aftermarket accessory you must inform your insurance company that you have had a towbar fitted. Most of the time there is no charge for this addon. Failure to inform your insurance could void your policy.

Towbar Sales

Returns and Refunds

Sometime orders need to be cancelled or returned to us.  In this case please follow the guidlines in our Returns and Refunds policy available HERE

Do you ship to Ireland?

We do! however a surcharge may be added depending on the delivery address

Do you provide order tracking?

Yes we can provide order tracking

My order hasn’t arrived

Firstly, don’t panic. If you haven’t received your goods within our normally fast delivery times. contact us by email or give us a quick call on 0114 360 7080. and we’ll get the issue sorted.

Do you price match?

In certain circumstances we can offer to price match, however… We cannot price match Amazon or Ebay products.  This is due to many of them being seller refurbished units or returns.  

Do you supply trade?

Yes we do supply trade customers. We can offer discounts for regular use accounts and bulk orders.  Get in touch and let’s see how we can help your business..

Do you ship to the Scottish Highlands?

We ceratainly do, however delivery charges may be higher, depending on the delivery address



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