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Aragon Towbars

Aragon Towbars

Award Winning Design
 Innovative Products.

Aragon is an established and trusted tow bar manufacturer.

Based in northern Spain, Aragon has been making tow bars and accessories since 1992.

An award-winning company that also produces the TowCar brand of products, which includes cycle carriers and TowBox®.

Aragon tow bars have an extensive list of products that include hard-to-find towbars, such as the Infinity range and the Tesla Model 3, as well as the latest all-electric vehicles.

As an official importer and distributor of the Aragon range, we can supply you with products directly from the Aragon warehouse. To see the entire Aragon range of products please visit their website

If you are interested in buying their products then please contact us directly by emailing: For more information on TowBox please visit the UK TowBox site